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Six Star Meat and Poultry is owned by Travis Wheeler (Avraham ben Adam). The vision of Six Star Meat and Poultry came from a dream to provide Karaite Jews in the United States with commercially available meat and poultry. This dream began in Alabama all the way to Israel where Travis was trained by Chief Hakham Moshe Firruz and Hakham Moshe Yosef (both of Universal Karaite Judaism ).

The model that Six Star Meat and Poultry uses is to buy from small farms or grow our own animals. In this, there can be shortages as well as periods of inactivity due to providers not meeting the standards of Six Star Meat and Poultry.

Each location where animals are purchased is inspected for the standards of health including environment and grow model (whether animals are free-range, confined and their diet). Some growers over the years have been rejected and others applauded for their efforts to raise animals as naturally as possible. 
All animals purveyed for slaughter are either raised by us or purchased from select animal growers. We are dedicated to quality and only accept the highest standards for our butchery.

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Kashrut Standards
Shochet and owner Travis Wheeler (Avraham ben Adam) is not only the only Karaite Shochet in the US, he also has a passion for Kashrut and doing the right thing. Six Star Meat and Poultry is self-certified yet are working with external certifying groups. The Karaite Halakah for Kashrut is much different from traditional (Rabbinical) standards and it is these differences that make traditional certification difficult. In traditional certification, the Minhag of a company of group is a major portion of the standards used. The Karaite standards are no different. Standards have been developed based on meeting biblical requirements and have helped to strengthen our standards