Six Star Meat and Poultry
Kosher Meat and Poultry Butchery
2453 Landfill Rd. Pelham, GA 31779

The Home of Karaite Kosher Meat and Poultry

A Superior Butchery

A truly Unique Experience

June 26, 2017

Six Star Meat and Poultry is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality meat and poultry products. Our line-up of meats include chicken, turkey, lamb, goat and ocassionally beef. We are dedicated to exceeding our customers expectations. 

Currently we are in the construction phase and we pray that this is a successful endeavor. We have been quite successful in getting things done however much more is needed. 
Stay Tuned for our projected opening date.

The construction process

  1. Managing Director
    Concrete slab looking good
  2. Managing Director
    Piping done
  3. Managing Director
    The building erection process
  4. Managing Director
    Building erection
  5. Managing Director
    Looking good
  6. Managing Director
    Pre-foundation pouring
  7. Managing Director
    Ready for concrete
  8. Managing Director
    The best news of the year
  9. Managing Director
    Concrete being poured
  10. Managing Director
    Back-side of the building
  11. Managing Director
    Front View
  12. Managing Director
    Side view
  13. Managing Director
    Zoning sign announcing public hearings
  14. Managing Director
    Well being installed
  15. Managing Director
    Well Installation Complete
  1. Kosher Animal Selection
    Kosher Animal Selection
    Kosher animals are selected based on their acceptability under the Torah.
  2. Kosher for Karaites
    Kosher for Karaites
    All meat and poultry sold by Six Star Meat and Poultry is acceptable for consumption by Karaite Jews as well as Muslims who are not close to a Halal butchery.
  3. Small chicken raising
    Small chicken raising
    We are a small chicken operation. We feel that responsible growth and organic growth is much more important than volume. Having responsible animal growth and responsible sourcing of poultry is vital to our process. Taste the difference between commercial chicken and farm raised chicken.

Our 4 Guiding Principles

  1. 0
    Principle #1
    All animals are of Kosher species.
  2. 1
    Principle #2
    All Animals are raised in a humane ethical manner.
  3. 2
    Principle #3
    All Animals are slaughtered according to Karaite Jewish Law and in a humane manner.
  4. 3
    Principle #4
    All meat and poultry is handled properly and prepared properly to ensure customer satisfaction.